Board of Directors


The Festivals' Board of Directors is comprised of business professionals and music experts who are united in a common purpose: to inspire musical excellence in all participants.

  • Charles Anderson - President
  • Sam Balden - Vice President and Festivals Chairman
  • Brant Grondin - Treasurer
  • Susan Wong Lim - Director
  • Iris Woo - Director
  • Izumi Miki McGruer - Director
  • Joyce Chung - Director

Society Membership

The Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festivals Society has two classes of Membership.

  • Individual Members
  • Honorary Members

To be eligible for an Individual Membership a person must meet the following requirements:

  • be more than 18 years of age; and
  • be interested in actively advancing the purposes and supporting the activities of the Society.

The VKMF Society holds its Annual General Meeting in early March. Please contact President of the Board, Charles Anderson, for more information about becoming a Society Member, a Director or attending the AGM.

Honorary Member for 2017

  • Bernice Pearce - nominated for her long history with the Festival as teacher and advisor