Rules and Regulations

It is expected that all teachers will review the Rules and Regulations prior to registering a group and that by doing so will ensure that the groups they register will abided by the rules of this festival.
  1. The competitions shall be under the working management of the Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival Society. Any question not dealt with in these rules shall be referred to the Society through the Chairman and the decision of the Society shall be final.
  2. All competitions, unless otherwise stated, will be open to amateurs only. The term “amateur” shall mean one whose principal income is not derived from musical services. This condition does not apply to those bona fide students of music who teach for the purpose of applying the money so earned for furtherance of their musical education.
  3. The VKM Festival competitions are open to eligible competitors who reside within the Province of British Columbia or elsewhere. Non-Canadian residents are not eligible for Provincial competitions.
  4. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry without assigning a reason for so doing.
  5. No entry fee will be refunded.